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Our offshore talent, based in regions with lower living expenses, bring top-notch skills and expertise to the table at substantially lower cost compared to local hires. So, optimize your budget and channel resources toward areas that are ready for an upgrade.

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Reduce Your Hiring Time and Save Costs.

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We believe that the right people can transform an organization. So, we streamline the hiring process by providing you with pre-screened, qualified candidates that maximize your business efficiency and minimize costs.


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SubLyft is a lifesaver for businesses like ours aiming to optimize costs without compromising talent quality. Our payroll cost has reduced significantly. The professionals we’ve engaged through SubLyft have seamlessly integrated into our teams, delivering exceptional results. If you’re looking to stay competitive in today’s market, SubLyft is the key to unlocking unparalleled savings and talent.

Isabella Chang
Director HR, TechCraft Innovations

SubLyft’s approach to talent acquisition has been a game-changer for our company. The financial benefits of reducing payroll costs by up to 80% are undeniable. Not only have we achieved significant savings, but the talent we’ve onboarded has exceeded our expectations. SubLyft is a reliable partner, and their unique model has allowed us to scale without compromising on quality.

Larry Turner
Director of Operations, Summit Solutions Inc.

SubLyft has transformed our business by introducing us to a pool of highly skilled professionals from low-cost regions. The cost savings have been staggering. The team we’ve been working with is dedicated, and the quality of work is exceptional. SubLyft is our secret weapon for staying competitive in the market.

Olivia Bennett
VP Data/AI, Quantum Innovations

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